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For the ultimate in spa-quality luxury in the comfort of your own home, discover the wide selection of products crafted for our signature Spa Pangea collection at Daired’s Salon & Spa Pangea.

Rich Creams for Pure, Long-Lasting Moisture

Nurture and soothe your skin with body, hand, and foot creams from our Spa Pangea series. Made with natural botanicals, plant extracts, and other gentle ingredients, Spa Pangea creams are designed to provide you with a secret weapon against dryness, irritation, and signs of aging.

Uncover Your Softest Skin Ever with Spa Pangea Body Washes and Scrubs
Many store-bought body washes and scrubs are filled with harsh ingredients, doing more harm than good to your delicate skin. For beautiful, healthy skin, choose Spa Pangea Body Wash and Body Scrub, bringing the spa experience into your shower at home.

Luxurious Massage Oils for At-Home Use

If you’ve ever wished you could bottle up the peaceful tranquility of the massage experience provided at Spa Pangea, it’s now possible with our hydrating massage oils. With a blend of plant-based oils, the Spa Pangea oil glides smoothly onto the skin and provides decadent moisture.

Moisturizing Lip Balms for On-the-Go Luxury

The lips are one of the first areas to show the signs of aging, so why not care for them with premium products from Spa Pangea? Your lips will be silky-soft and pleasantly supple when you make Spa Pangea Lip Balm a part of your everyday routine.

Gourmet Tea for Relaxation and Full-Body Wellness

If you’ve ever spent time at Spa Pangea, you’ve likely sipped a relaxing cup of our Daireds Ginger Peach Tea. Instead of waiting for your next visit to the spa, you can now enjoy your favorite tea at home with this gourmet loose leaf tea.

Shop Spa Pangea Products and Enjoy Life’s Everyday Luxuries

For more information about our signature Spa Pangea products, or to treat yourself to one of the incredible treatments available at Spa Pangea, contact us today.

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