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Spa Pangéa Hydrating Body Cream


Weight: 2 oz.  |   8 oz.

Thick and rich with nurturing botanical ingredients, this moisturizing cream was created to rehydrate dry, moisture-needy skin. Spa Pangea Hydrating Body Cream contains a balance of aloe leaf extract, shea butter and passion fruit extract for their moisturizing and anti inflammatory properties. Features the light, custom fragrance of Spa Pangea.

The Daily Battle

Your skin is under attack every day from exposure to the sun, artificial light, wind, pollution, and more. The environmental factors around you draw the moisture out, leaving you with dry patches and irritated areas. However, you can fight those villains and stressors and restore health to your skin and face. Using a high-quality body cream made with natural ingredients year round is your best defense. Let Spa Pangea Hydrating Body Cream be your secret weapon in the battle for healthy skin on your face and body.

Soothing and Nurturing

Spa Pangea Hydrating Body Cream not only rehydrates your skin, but it also soothes it. The properties of the natural ingredients calm and nurture dry and bothersome areas. Aloe, passion fruit, and shea butter all lend their special qualities to your skin, leaving it soft and moisturized. The light, unique scent is relaxing but not overwhelming.

Choose from a two-ounce size or an eight-ounce size, or pick up one of each. Keep the smaller one in your purse or bag, and keep the larger one in your bathroom at home. Contact Daireds today to try it out for yourself. Pair the Spa Pangea Hydrating Body Cream with Body Wash and Hydrating Massage Oil for maximum benefits.

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