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Daireds Ginger Peach Tea (3 oz)


A Spa-Like Experience at Home


If you’ve ever wished you could enjoy a small part of your favorite spa in the comfort of your own home, Daireds Salon & Spa Pangea Ginger Peach Tea is the perfect addition to your pantry. The distinctly crisp and subtly sweet flavor is soothing yet refreshing, serving as a wonderful way to wind down after a busy day.

Now, you can enjoy the luxury of gourmet loose leaf tea without ever leaving your home, all while taking advantage of the numerous natural health benefits of tea.


Nourish Your Body and Soul


Not only is a warm cup of Daireds Ginger Peach Tea a delicious treat you’ll always look forward to, but it also offers various benefits to naturally boost your overall wellbeing.

We’ve combined three of the world’s finest teas to harness the best benefits of each, providing you with a wonderful beverage that can also help improve your health and wellness. 

Rev up your metabolism with the blend of Formosa Choice Oolong, Japanese Sencha Green and Mu Dan White teas, supporting your body’s natural energy and fat-burning processes.

You’ll also have the advantage of a rich variety of antioxidants and bioactive compounds to improve digestion, soothe inflammation, and encourage optimum health. Not only will each cup provide you with a delightful retreat from your busy life, but you’ll also be able to look and feel your best.


Enhance Your Self-Care Regimen with Daireds Salon & Spa Pangea


Searching for other ways to treat yourself with the care and consideration you truly deserve? Daireds is a full-service salon and spa dedicated to delivering the ultimate in luxury, providing clients with highly-tailored experiences and unparalleled service.

Learn more about our products or schedule an appointment by contacting us today. 

Available in two sizes: 3 oz Loose leaf = $14.95; or 8 oz loose leaf – $24.95.


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