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Spa Pangéa Lip Balm


Formulated to hydrate and repair lines around the mouth, Spa Pangea Lip Balm blends coco butter with Shea butter, coconut oil, argan and grapeseed oil along with vitamin C to moisturize, rebuild collagen and nourish your lips.

Keep your pucker soft, supple, and hydrated with Spa Pangea lip balm. Pop this tube in your purse to fight against flaking skin and fine lines around the mouth. You’ll love the nourishing effect of this natural lip balm, which provides nourishment without feeling sticky or greasy.

Effective Natural Ingredients

Our Spa Pangea products like this lip balm harnesses the power of nature to give your lips the nutrient boost they need for long-lasting health and beauty. Active ingredients include:

Cocoa butter, which shields the lips to keep them from drying out
Shea butter, which gently soothes cracks and irritation
Coconut oil to add moisture
Argan oil to fight signs of aging such as fine lines around the lips
Grapeseed oil, which contains disease-fighting antioxidants

Far-Reaching Beauty Benefits

Soft lips are just the beginning when it comes to this balm. If your lips are already healthy, keep them hydrated with this product from Daired’s Salon & Spa Pangea, while warding off sun damage that can cause premature aging. When you have chapped, cracked, or irritated lips, this balm offers soothing repair so you’ll be back to your beautiful smile in no time.

Wear Spa Pangea lip balm on its own or layer it with your favorite gloss or matte lipstick. You’ll want to keep one in every purse and buy them for your friends.


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