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Spa Pangéa Travel Combo


Stay fresh on the go with the Spa Pangea Hydrating Body Cream and Body Wash. Each 2 oz. product features the light, custom fragrance of Spa Pangea.

Spa Pangea Hydrating Body Cream: 2 oz.
Thick and rich with nurturing botanical ingredients, this moisturizing cream was created to rehydrate dry, moisture-needy skin. Spa Pangea Hydrating Body Cream contains a balance of aloe leaf extract, shea butter and passion fruit extract for their moisturizing and anti inflammatory properties. .

Spa Pangea Body Wash: 2 oz.
This specially formulated creamy wash is designed to cleanse and nourish the skin using Vitamin C rich passion fruit as an antioxidant and emollient, along with shea butter for hydration.


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