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Spa Pangéa Anti Aging Hand Cream


3.4 oz.

Our signature Spa Pangea Anti-Aging Hand Cream is designed to minimize the visible signs of aging in the hands, a part of the body that often develops wrinkles and fine lines as quickly as the face.


Heal and Nourish Skin for a Fresh, Youthful Appearance

For so many people, anti-aging face creams are a necessity to their skincare routine – but what about the skin on your hands? With the Spa Pangea Anti-Aging Hand Cream, you can noticeably improve the appearance of your hands, minimizing hyperpigmentation, dark spots, dryness, and a loss in elastin.

The cream is light but effectively moisturizing, absorbing quickly into your skin without a greasy residue. Our signature Spa Pangea fragrance products lightly grace your skin for a subtly calming and enjoyable scent.


Benefits of the Spa Pangea Anti-Aging Hand Cream

When combined with healthy habits and a well-suited skincare routine, the Spa Pangea Anti-Aging Hand Cream can offer the following benefits:

  • Provide rich, long-lasting moisture
  • Correct hyperpigmentation
  • Slow the development of dark spots
  • Penetrate the deeper levels of the skin to promote a healthy texture and elastin production


How to Use the Spa Pangea Anti-Aging Hand Cream

Apply the Spa Pangea Anti-Aging Hand Cream at least twice per day, and as needed to maintain soft, supple skin.


Experience the Luxury of Daired’s Salon & Spa Pangea in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Spa Pangea is the top-rated luxury spa at Daired’s Salon and Spa in Arlington, providing an array of advanced treatments for the ultimate in indulgent self-care.

By creating an original line of products used exclusively at Spa Pangea, we’ve ensured that every client enjoys an unparalleled experience – and now, you can bring a piece of Spa Pangea home for any time use.

Schedule a personal consultation for more information about choosing the best products for your skin, or request an appointment at Spa Pangea today.

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