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UltraLuxe Bergamot Wash – Irritation


Carefully crafted for even the most sensitive skin, the Bergamot Wash by UltraLuxe cleanses and softens skin without over-drying, leaving your face refreshed and glowing.

A Gentle, All-Natural Face Cleanser to Soothe and Calm Skin

Using the natural soothing properties of plant-based extracts, the UltraLuxe Bergamot Wash delivers clean, purified skin without the use of drying sulfates or harsh detergents. Wash away everyday impurities such as makeup, excess oil, and dirt, revealing your naturally soft, supple skin. Extracts of bergamot, sweet almond, and tangerine help soothe sensitive or irritated skin, encouraging its natural vibrancy, elasticity, and youthful glow.Instead of using aggressive facial cleansers that strip skin’s moisture and upset its natural balance, choose the gentle but effective, all-natural formulation of the UltraLuxe Bergamot Wash.

Benefits of the Bergamot Wash by UltraLuxe

The UltraLuxe Bergamot Wash offers the following benefits when regularly incorporated into a proper skincare product routine:

  • Cleans and refreshes skin

  • Eliminates impurities and pore-clogging dirt, oil, and makeup

  • Gently softens and soothes skin

  • Calms irritation 

  • Promotes your skin’s natural elasticity and a youthful, glowing appearance 

How to Use UltraLuxe Bergamot Wash

The gentle, plant-based formulation of the UltraLuxe Bergamot Wash makes it ideal for all skin types and appropriate for twice-daily use, as part of your AM and PM skincare regimen. To use, wet skin and massage a small amount of face wash into your skin. After rinsing thoroughly, gently pat skin dry and apply your preferred moisturizer or skin serum. 

Unlock the Key to Your Best Skin Ever with Premium Skincare Solutions 

For more information about the UltraLuxe Bergamot Wash and other clean skincare products for sensitive skin, contact Daired’s Salon & Spa Pangea for details.


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