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UltraLuxe Acai Clarifying Wash – Clear


With a gentle but highly effective anti-acne formulation, the Acai Clarifying Wash by UltraLuxe is a foaming facial cleanser designed to restore your skin’s clarity, softness, and natural glow. At Daired’s Salon & Spa Pangea, we are sure you will love this skincare product

Clean, Plant-Based Ingredients for a Clear Complexion 

The skincare scientists at UltraLuxe have created a premium foaming face wash specially formulated for oily, acne-prone skin, blending powerful antioxidants with anti-acne agents for incredible results. Sourced from the rainforests of Brazil, organic acai, andiroba, and copaiba act s a plant-based powerhouse that helps balance oil production, resolve damage caused by free radicals, and refresh your skin. The Acai Clarifying Wash formula also features lactic and salicylic acid, which alleviate frustrating breakouts, clear pores, and exfoliate for smoother, healthier skin.Unlike other acne skin cleansers, the UltraLuxe Acai Clarifying Wash won’t dry or irritate the skin and is both paraben- and cruelty-free. 

Benefits of Acai Clarifying Wash by UltraLuxe

When included as part of a consistent skincare routine, the UltraLuxe Acai Clarifying Wash can deliver the following benefits:

  • Helps to control breakouts and calm acne-prone skin

  • Promote a brighter, smoother complexion

  • Encourage healthy, balanced oil production without overly drying your skin

  • A gentle formulation ideal for use with even sensitive skin

  • How to Use UltraLuxe Acai Clarifying Wash

How to Use UltraLuxe Acai Clarifying Wash

The Acai Clarifying Wash by UltraLuxe is gentle enough for twice-daily use. As part of your AM and PM skincare routine, massage a dime-sized amount of cleanser onto your wet skin. Rinse thoroughly and apply the moisturizer or serum of your choice after patting skin dry.

Reveal the Clear, Glowing Skin You’ve Always Wanted with Premium Skincare

To learn more about the UltraLuxe Acai Clarifying Wash and other scientifically-formulated solutions for acne-prone skin, contact Daired’s Salon & Spa Pangea for more information about skin care products we carry.


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