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Cosmetic Enhancements

Cosmetic Procedures & Enhancements

Boost your confidence and uncover your best self with cosmetic enhancements from Daireds Salon & Spa Pangea. Our Arlington, TX salon and spa offers the best in advanced treatments, performed by trained professionals with the skill and experience to deliver optimal results.

Whether you’re preparing for a special occasion, treating yourself to some much-needed self-care, or simply interested in upgrading your beauty routine, our cosmetic enhancement services can be your best-kept beauty secret. From celebrity-worthy complexions to perfectly plump lips and smooth, wrinkle-free skin, you can achieve your ideal look with help from Daireds Salon & Spa Pangea. 


Hydrafacials are a top beauty trend beloved by influencers and celebrities alike, offering a needle-free option for soft, glowing skin. In just a single treatment, you can deeply cleanse, exfoliate, and infuse your skin with professional-grade serums, taking a multi-faceted approach to a gorgeous complexion. You’ll walk out with brighter skin, noticeably reduced wrinkles, and a stunning radiance.

Ideal for clients with virtually every skin type and concern, hydrafacial is genuinely the beauty treatment that can do it all. Here are just some of the many common skin issues that our hydrafacials in Arlington, TX can help you solve:

  • Acne
  • Hyperpigmentation/dark spots
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Dullness
  • Poor skin texture
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Enlarged or clogged pores

It’s the easiest way to transform your skin and see instant results, with absolutely no downtime required. Get your skin into shape before a big event, or simply get your glow on anytime with our Arlington, TX spa hydrafacials


What if you could wake up your skin’s natural collagen and elastin production, reviving your dull, tired, or aging complexion with a minimally invasive treatment? That’s precisely what clients experience with microneedling, a versatile skin treatment that dermatologists, celebrities, and savvy skincare experts can’t stop talking about. 

Using a professional microneedling device, your Daireds Salon & Spa Pangea technician will gently create microscopic pinpricks on the surface of your skin. And if you’re worried about needles, don’t be – the micro-fine needles are so tiny, you’ll barely feel a thing. These tiny pinpricks (called “micro-injuries”) kick your natural repair processes into high gear. The result? Your skin gets an infusion of collagen and elastin, all while it’s perfectly prepped to absorb serums and other products. 

Our microneedling in Arlington, TX can help you improve the appearance of:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Scars
  • Skin tone and texture
  • Cellulite

Daireds Salon & Spa Pangea offers customized microneedling regimens that align with your beauty goals, whether you’re seeking a one-time treatment or consistent treatments for maximum results.

Cosmetic Injectables

Injectable fillers like JUVÉDERM® and BOTOX® have become more mainstream and accessible than ever before, putting beautifully youthful skin within easy reach. Daireds Salon & Spa Pangea employs trained technicians who are educated in providing fillers in Arlington, TX to be confident that you’re in excellent hands.

Use cosmetic injectables to minimize the signs of aging, enhance your favorite features, or subtly plump lips or add definition – the possibilities are virtually endless. 

Highlight Your Natural Beauty with Cosmetic Enhancements in Arlington, TX

For the best in injectables, microneedling, hydrafacials, and other cosmetic enhancements, Arlington, TX is home to the very best in the industry: Daireds Salon & Spa Pangea. 

Our team of highly-trained professionals is here to help you look and feel your very best, using a broad range of advanced cosmetic enhancements. From your first consultation to your final follow-up, Daireds Salon & Spa Pangea delivers an elevated experience that puts our clients first.

Discover the beauty of cosmetic enhancements by scheduling an appointment at Daireds Salon & Spa Pangea today.

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