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Your Guide to Pedicures | Daired's Salon & Spa Pangea

Pedicures are widely known for their aesthetic results, which is why they’re a popular service to get before weddings, school dances, and other special occasions. However, they also offer a variety of health benefits. Getting pedicures regularly can improve your nail health.

Of course, if you’ve never gotten a pedicure before, the first time can be intimidating. Which service should you get? How much will it cost? And it is worth taking an hour out of your busy schedule? Not to worry — this handy guide will answer these questions and more.

What Are the Benefits of Pedicures?

First, let’s talk about pedicure pros and cons. If you’ve done any research about the process, you’ve probably come across warnings about bacterial or fungal infections. These are real concerns but can be avoided by making an appointment with a reputable, customer-centric spa, such as Daireds Salon & Spa Pangea.

Professional pedicurists are licensed by the state cosmetology board, a process that requires many hours of training as well as a passing score on the licensing exam. As a result, professional pedicurists know how to prevent the transmission of infections by disposing of or sterilizing equipment where appropriate. As long as you’re in the hands of experts, you can get a pedicure without worry.

Now that we’ve talked about potential downsides, what are the benefits? It turns out pedicures are actually quite good for your health.


Relaxation is one of the best-known pedicure benefits and is often why clients make an appointment. There’s something very relaxing about being taken care of, and many recipients find they’re able to get away from their worries for the duration. Additionally, many pedicures have a massage component that can relax the muscles and relieve pain from wearing high heels or standing for long periods.


Hydration is a huge part of keeping our skin healthy; without a well-maintained moisture barrier, our skin can become dry, red, cracked, or painful. Though built a little harder than other parts of the body, our feet are no exception.

Pedicures can restore moisture to make skin silky and soft. If you’re struggling with dry feet, a pedicure can help.

Circulation Improvement

Pedicures can also help with another important aspect of foot health: circulation. Our feet take a lot of punishment throughout the day and need adequate blood flow to stay healthy.

Not sure if you should be concerned? Here are a few signs of poor circulation:

  • Numbness

  • Engorged veins

  • Discoloration

  • Coldness

  • Tingling

Fortunately, pedicures can improve circulation through massage and other techniques.


Beauty experts advise weekly exfoliation of the face to allow new cells to flourish. As it turns out, your feet need the same care.

Dead skin cells can accumulate on the soles of your feet, especially around the heel. Part of the pedicure process is to soften these cells and gently remove them.

Infection Prevention

While poorly maintained equipment can cause infections, a well-done pedicure can actually prevent them. Bacteria can hide under toenails and lead to infection if you get a cut or sore. Pedicures clean out dirt and dead skin from around and underneath the nail, removing bacteria that can put your feet at risk. Technicians can also deal with ingrown nails, which can be a source of pain and even cause broken skin.

Personal Expression

Finally, a pedicure is a great way to express your personality. Spas and nail salons have a wide variety of nail lacquers — sometimes numbering in the hundreds —  allowing clients to choose the perfect shade. With your feet freshly pampered and your nails immaculately painted, you can feel confident in trying out those new open-toe shoes you’ve been dying to wear.

How Much Do Pedicures Cost?

While pedicures can feel luxurious, that doesn’t mean they have to break the bank. In fact, you can get a great experience and lovely nails for as little as $35.

The thing to remember is that the longer the service, the more expensive it’s likely to be. Specials are also likely to be more expensive, as they use special lotions, exfoliants, and other materials. The good news is, even fancy pedicures can be fairly affordable, ranging from $50 to $70, plus a tip.

What Kind of Pedicures Can You Get?

There are a wide variety of pedicures, some of which are specifically designed to target issues. If you’re going to schedule your first pedicure, which should you choose?

To find the best service for you, it’s essential to look at everything the salon in question has to offer. Here at Daireds Salon & Spa Pangea, we provide some of the most popular options to ensure all our clients are able to get the service they need.

Classic Service

Sometimes the best place to start is a classic. A standard pedicure with no-frills tends to last around 30 minutes and includes the following:

  • Foot soak

  • Foot filing or scrubbing

  • Foot and calf massage

  • Moisturizing

  • Nail clipping and shaping

  • Nail polishing

Couples Pedicure

What’s better than a pampering session? Answer: sharing it with someone you love. Couples’ pedicures are a great way to spend time with a significant other, family member, or dear friend. This service includes all the same elements as the classic option and allows you to have a wonderful conversation with your loved one as you take care of your feet.

Paraffin Pedicure

Paraffin wax has many uses, one of which is to increase skin hydration. A paraffin pedicure involves coating the feet in wax, which locks in moisture and reveals super-soft skin once removed. If you’re looking to combat dryness, a paraffin pedicure is a great option.

Men’s Pedicure

Well-kept feet aren’t just for the ladies — men can also benefit from getting pedicures. Pinching office shoes and intense physical activity can take their toll, which is why treating your feet to a day off is so essential. If you’re not into sporting colors on your nails, no worries — you can get a clear lacquer topcoat to protect your nails from the elements with none the wiser. 

Shea Butter Pedicure

Shea butter is an excellent moisturizer, which is why it’s often used in both pedicures and manicures. If you’ve struggled with dry sky and nothing seems to work, a shea butter pedicure may be just what you need.

Exfoliating Pedicure

After a harsh winter or many days spent at the beach, you may have to contend with dry, dead skin cells. The exfoliating pedicure is designed to remove all dead skin and nourish the new cells underneath with hydrating lotions. When it’s time to start fresh, an exfoliating pedicure can’t be beaten.

Lavender Pedicure

Lavender is an incredibly soothing herb, and the lavender pedicure takes full advantage of this fact. Not only do the essential oils work wonders by soothing skin, but the aroma is incredibly relaxing. If you need to de-stress after a hectic week, a lavender pedicure is the best choice.

Thai Pedicure

Thai pedicures are becoming increasingly popular for their relaxing and skin-softening effects. The service also includes several highly aromatic elements:

  • Ginger

  • Lemongrass

  • Coconut milk

Book a Pedicure at Daired’s Salon & Spa Pangea

Are you ready to experience the bliss that is a well-done pedicure? Then it’s time to make an appointment at Daireds Salon & Spa Pangea. You can do so with a call to (817) 465-9797 or by contacting us online.

Aren’t sure which of our pedicures to choose from? Our friendly staff is always here to answer any questions about our products and services.

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