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Most Popular Women’s Hair Trends: Your Guide to Seasonal Hairstyles 2023

The new year brings with it a sense of excitement and promise. If one of your resolutions is to polish up your physical appearance, start with your hair by learning about women’s hairstyles that are going to be big this year in hair salons. Here are some women’s hair trends that are going to be popular in 2023.

60s Hair With Sex Appeal

Whether your hair is straight, wavy or curly, this retro trend is easily accomplished with long, side-swept bangs that showcase your eyes and brows. Talk to your hairstylist about how deep your part can go to give you this understated appeal.

Captivating Curls

When you have thick, curly hair, add some depth by asking your hairstylist for highlights. Discuss which tones can give you the most impact for the eye-catching locks you desire.

Balayage With a Twist

This French hand-painted coloring technique is incredibly popular since it makes it seem like sunlight is dancing across your locks. New in 2020 are warmer tones for brunettes and a slightly different application method known as twisted balayage in which the ends showcase the technique. Balayage is a skill best left to professionals and the staff at Daired’s Salon & Spa Pangea have perfected it so they can deliver the look you want.

Chunky Color

A bold look, chunky color is the polar opposite of the more-subtle balayage. Picture the chunkiest highlight streaks of yesterday and multiply them several-fold, giving hand-width pieces of contrasting and sometimes shocking color to your head.

Accessories With Attitude

While hair accessories went out of style for years, they have come roaring back into fashion. This time, instead of being demure headbands and clips, they are industrial-looking.

Chunky and bold looks and metals such as aluminum or stainless-steel help keep your look modern and funky.

Poufy Ponytails

Show off shiny, healthy hair in a high ponytail with some bounce at the bottom.

While this is a style that is easily done at home, be sure that your hair has a fresh cut and get a salon deep conditioning treatment if need be.

Pearls With Panache

The sweeter good-girl cousins to bad-girl accessories, pearls are showing up in hair in a new way for 2020.

You may choose to have pearls adorn a traditional clip or pins or continue with that more funky, updated look such as pearls atop a messy bun or embellished throughout cornrows.

Bad-Girl Bob

Updating the classic bob to bring it to a more contemporary look for 2020 means that it is no longer so sweet. Instead, a crude edge gives it attitude. In addition to great style, a major benefit of this cut is the movement it brings.

And, this is one of those great women’s hairstyles that is versatile, since it can be worn wash-and-wear or increased in volume with some mousse and a blowout.

Finger-Waves With Flair

Another retro trend, this style works from the boardroom to cocktail parties to black-tie affairs. Its subtle beauty puts the focus on the face.

If you are as stylistically challenged as most of us, hair salons can easily accomplish this glam look for you.


In addition to the industrial-style hair accessories, runway shows have featured large hair hardware.

Made from crystals or gemstones, these pieces are drawing major attention to the head.


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