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Our outer appearance has a profound impact on the way we present ourselves to the world and the way we feel inside. A significant consideration in your look is making sure your hairstyle is in top shape. As your hair is showcased to others day in and day out, it is important to invest in a great cut and color.

Sometimes women are unsure whether they have chosen the most attractive hair color for themselves. It is not enough to simply admire a particular hue on a celebrity or hair color seen in a photo in a magazine. While the hair color may be stunning for others, it may be the wrong one for you. Choosing an unsuitable tone may make your skin look funny, or present you to look tired or washed out. So how do you find the best hair color for you? A good stylist can teach you how to pick a hair color that shows off your most flattering features, making your face look it’s most beautiful.

Best Hair Color For Your Eye Color

One way to choose your best hair color is by looking closely at your eye color. You want to be sure that your eyes―the windows to your soul―are highlighted to the best of their ability. For example, those brown-eyed beauties with golden undertones will shine best when paired with shades of caramel, toffee, or chestnut. However, certain blonde shades will not play up those coveted golden undertones and should be avoided.

Likewise, if you have icy blue or green eyes, you may want to mirror those same frosty shades in hair tones, such as silver or platinum, to keep the mystique going. Blue or green eyes cry out for warm tones such as honey blonde or chestnut to keep that skin glowing. Work with your hairstylist to find the best warm or cool tones to flatter your eyes.

Hair Colors for Your Skin Tone

Another important thing to consider when picking the best hair color for your appearance is what undertones are in your skin. This will again dictate what direction you should move in for the most compatible result.

The tones of your chosen hair color should mimic that warm or cool indicator to best suit your face. If you happen to have a combination of both undertones, you are considered to be neutral. This gives you a little more latitude in picking your hair color. Your stylist can show you different hair color samples, holding them up to your face to demonstrate these drastic differences and help you pick your best option.

Consider Bold Hair Color for Dramatic Features

If you have been blessed with unusual facial features, see them for the asset that they are. A large, prominent or bumpy nose is not something to hide, but rather something to play up as unique. The same thing goes for extremely bee-stung lips, a strong jaw, or extra-round cheeks. These features can be enhanced with bright or bold hair colors, giving you the ability to turn heads wherever you go. Highlights are another option that you can use to frame to your face and add some dimension.

Hair Color Experts in Arlington, TX

If you are ready to change up your hair hue, be sure to use the most skilled professional colorists around. When choosing your hair tones, study your features so you can make the best hair color choice for you. An experienced colorist can help select the right color to complement your skin and eyes and have you looking like your best self. Once you know how to pick a hair color, you will feel more confident making other beauty decisions, too.

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