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Laser Skin Resurfacing in Arlington, TX

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Laser facial resurfacing has become one of the most in-demand beauty treatments in the industry, promising a wide range of beautiful results with virtually no recovery needed. From reducing fine lines and wrinkles to fading scarring and age spots, a laser facial can truly do it all.

Daireds Salon & Spa Pangea is proud to offer our guests a selection of the best laser facial resurfacing treatments in Arlington, with a carefully curated series of non-invasive options such as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to suit a variety of skincare needs. 

What is laser skin resurfacing?

Laser skin resurfacing is a professional-grade skin treatment that utilizes advanced lasers to improve the appearance and texture of the skin. Non-ablative lasers, such as the ones used by the Arlington skincare experts at Daireds, can help resolve your biggest skin frustrations without removing or damaging layers of the skin.

The benefits of laser skin resurfacing include the improved appearance of:

  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Scarring (including acne scars)
  • Age spots
  • Skin tone and texture
  • Enlarged oil glands and pores

When should I have laser skin resurfacing?

We often recommend scheduling laser skin resurfacing during the fall season, because proper healing requires that you avoid the sun for a short period of time. However, we are happy to schedule your facial anytime during the year, and provide you with clear aftercare instructions suited to the season and your lifestyle.

What can I expect from the laser facial experience?

During your consultation, one of the Daireds skincare experts will help you determine which laser facial is best suited for you. We’ll discuss your specific skin concerns, skin type, and areas you would most like to target, then recommend the option that will provide you with optimal results.

On the day of your laser facial, a topical anesthetic will be applied to any areas being treated. The anesthetic is used to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the entire facial, with minimal to no discomfort. Using the selected laser, your Daireds aesthetician will begin treatment of the targeted areas. One of the most common questions guests have is, “Does laser facial resurfacing hurt?” While each guest’s pain threshold may vary, the sensation is comparable to a rubber band being lightly snapped against your skin.

After the laser facial is complete, a tailored skincare solution will be applied to your skin to support healing and recovery. 

Laser facial aftercare and recovery

Our series of non-ablative lasers provide results with no downtime, and only very minimal recovery. For some guests, the skin is slightly red and sensitive for up to 10 days. Your skincare expert from Daireds will recommend an adjusted skincare regimen to care for your healing skin, including a gentle cleanser and high-quality sun protection.

Depending on your long-term goals, a series of treatments may be ideal. 

Am I a good candidate for laser facial resurfacing?

If you are dealing with skin that’s dull, sagging, scarred, or simply showing the signs of aging, laser skin resurfacing may be right for you.

It’s a common misconception that only those with lighter skin tones can achieve beautiful results from laser resurfacing. However, because Daireds works with a varied range of lasers, we can recommend options to suit many skin tones, types, and concerns. 

Book Your Laser Facial Resurfacing in Arlington at Daireds Salon & Spa Pangea Today!

Unlock the secret to your best skin ever with a laser facial resurfacing treatment from Daireds Salon & Spa Pangea, one of the top-rated salons and spas in Arlington. Contact us to schedule your laser facial consultation and take your first step towards beautifully youthful, glowing, and gorgeous skin.

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