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Beyond Pampering: The Full Spa Day Experience

A spa treatment can help you feel relaxed for days afterward, but what about taking it to the next level? A spa day is the ultimate pampering, allowing you to forget about the world and get a variety of treatments in one session. They’re well worth the price for women who are busy and stressed women —and who isn’t these days?

Benefits of a Full Spa Day

A full spa day allows you to choose a package of treatments, adjusted according to your needs and preferences, and escape for the entire day. Some spas also offer overnight packages so you don’t have to drive home.

In addition to your treatments, you will get access to the spa’s facilities and the package typically includes a delicious, healthy lunch. You can get all the treatments you want without having to keep going back and forth.

A full spa day has significant health benefits including reduced stress, improved skin health, detoxification, improved sleep, and anti-aging benefits. You may also experience a reduction in stress-related symptoms such as headaches and mysterious pain. Your mood will improve, and spa treatments have been known to help combat depression and boost confidence. Finally, treatments can reduce inflammation and support your immune system. Basically, you get all the benefits of a spa treatment, but it’s more intense.

Doing a full day is a great idea before a really important event, such as your wedding, the huge birthday party you’re throwing, or even a major work trip. You might also want to schedule it after the major work trip to detox and destress.

The Ultimate Package

We offer a full spa day package or you can talk to us about customization. (For example, if you are pregnant, some treatments might not be suitable). Our ultimate full-day spa package includes:

1.) Vienna mud bath: You will be covered in a thick layer of clay-rich mud, which helps detoxify your body and improve blood circulation. Don’t worry, it all washes off nicely afterward.

2.) Four-hands massage: This is a full-body rhythmic massage conducted by two therapists who work together to give you the maximum benefit.

3.) Shea butter pedicure: This pedicure uses 100% shea butter to soften your feet. It also includes a foot soak, exfoliation, and, of course, nails done in the color of your choice.

4.) Paraffin manicure: A relaxing, moisturizing hand and nail treatment followed by nail polish.

5.) Balinese scrub: A full body exfoliation using rice powder, sandalwood, coconut oil, and jasmine.

6.) West African shea butter wrap: After your scrub, you will be wrapped in shea butter, to moisturize and heal your skin and make it look younger.

7.) Pangea custom facial with green tea peel. Our skincare experts will assess your skin type and do a facial that matches your needs, including a customized clay mask.

8.) Salon-style makeup application.

9.) Gourmet spa lunch with a glass of wine served in the spa relaxation area. We have vegetarian and vegan options.

10.) Souvenir spa robe

11.) Spa Pangaea at Home Body Wash and Body Cream

This will take about eight hours, so it really is a full spa day! If you have allergies, talk to us before your treatment about how we can accommodate you. You will leave looking and feeling fantastic and ready to take on anything that comes your way.

A full spa day is the ultimate gift, both for loved ones or yourself. Sometimes, people spend so much time taking care of the people around them – but forget to pamper themselves. A full spa day at Daireds Salon & Spa Pangea makes an excellent gift for a truly special woman in your life. Check out our ultimate package here, or contact Daireds to design a custom spa experience.

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