Donation Requests

    Our Commitment to the Community

    Daireds has chosen to honor those who care for women in the community every day - SafeHaven of Tarrant County and The Family Place of Dallas.

    Wanting to participate in the community in a significant way, we felt we could best do that by working with one charity of choice. The entire staff chose to help the women’s shelters because our personal livelihood is supported by women - we connect with women and the issues that are important to them in a personal way.

    How You Can Help
    Gracing the entrance of Daireds is a beautiful bronze fountain encouraging all who enter to toss in coins that are given to SafeHaven of Tarrant County. "To me, the fountain is symbolic of women’s struggles to rise out of the things in life that tear them down. Although the fountain was never part of the original design plan of the building, it was clearly meant to stand proudly in front of our doors," says Owner, Daired Ogle. "I found the sculpture during a shopping trip and it stayed at our house for about three months during construction. After studying the piece a little every day, I began to see the symbolism in its beauty and decided to dedicate the fountain to women by creating the ongoing donation fund."

    Making a Donation Request
    If your charity benefits the fight against domestic violence, please submit your request for support using the form provided below. Your request must be submitted by the 15th of the month, 60 days prior to your event date. All requests are reviewed once per month and you will be promptly notified of our ability to support your request.

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