Daireds Cafe

CAFÉ DAIREDS is designed to meet the fast paced needs of our guests, Café Daireds offers great tasting meals, snacks, and beverages made in-house using only the freshest quality ingredients...including a selection of fresh herbs and vegetables from our own garden! Our chef prepares a selection of hand-made soups, salads and wraps fresh daily allowing guests to conveniently purchase items to enjoy on-the-go. Snack plates take a new twist on classic appetizers such as edamame; hummus and tabbouleh with flatbread; a selection of fruit and gourmet cheese plates; and a variety of pasta options. Delicious baked goods such as muffins, cookies, bagels and individual desserts are also regular features. While our primary focus is offering healthy selections, Cafe Daireds offers slightly indulgent options as well. Our extensive beverage menu includes wine, beer, cocktails, specialty coffee drinks, fruit smoothies, detox teas, and grab-and-go bottled drinks. So feel free to browse our selection before or during your salon/spa visit to enjoy on-site (may we suggest the garden patio?) or stop by for a to-go snack or meal to take home or back to work after your visit. For our spa guests, we offer light and refreshing lunch and snack options which can be easily added to any spa package or single service while enjoying your spa visit.

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